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First Burn, Then Change. 
For the cut and dry bio, see the italicized text below. But, here I want to tell you what Union Specific means to me these days. I'm about to release a record called First Burn, Then Change. It's about a lot of things. It's about dealing with depression, grieving, self-realization, actualization, working on one's self, changing, growing, friends; mostly it's about feelings. The record starts off kind of sad, but then it gets better. I don't want to say that it ends happily because I don't really believe in happy endings for individuals. I believe there is only more work and more improvement waiting for us at the end of our tunnels, hills, valleys, etc. But, I find a find a little peace in that because it makes me feel squarely at the helm of my rickety little ship.
Anyway, I think I've finally found Union Specific's true course. 
Sonically, I've become obsessed with blending the urban synth and horns of my city adulthood with the steel guitar and broken acoustics of my rural upbringing. Those sounds represent two parts inside of me that I am determined to make fit together at least within myself if not out in the world.
The city seems to hate the country these days, and likewise. They both think I am one of them. Their influence on my outlook has given me the most cause to be celebrated and hated, smarter and more ignorant, well rounded and increasingly less assimilated. But, I can't get rid of either without losing all of myself. I used not to think that it was all that important. But now, I tell you that no two attributes of my personality have had a more positive or negative impact on my life, my relationships, and these experiences which I turn into songs. It's a very specific union indeed.
Thanks for reading, I look forward to playing for you in your city (or your country)!

Union Specific is an indie country, rock, synth, electric, folk band from Austin, TX. Does all that really fit together? Singer/songwriter, Tyler Wallace seems to think so. Tyler was born and raised in the tiny West Texas town of Gail. Good luck finding that on a map. He has spent the last decade living and playing music in the city he loves, Austin, TX. That’s a lot of country roots, tangled up with urban living. And, sonically it’s all right there in the music. Steel and acoustic guitar are thrown in the same mix as drum machine and synthesizer with Tyler’s unmistakably broken voice above it all.


Union Specific has been making music and touring since 2008. In 2012 the band was given an official SXSW showcase, opening for Ian Moore. In 2014 Union Specific headlined the Lincoln Folk and Roots Festival along with Wild Child, and Austin Lucas. They have also performed regularly at the legendary venue, Codfish Hollow sharing bills with Mark Mulcahy (of Polaris) and The Ghost Wolves. Union Specific has also recorded two sessions for the online streaming site, Daytrotter, as well as Austin’s beloved KUTX, Studio 1A.


The band has released two LP’s: Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions 2013, and Howlin Room 2015. First Burn, Then Change will be released in 2019 and is the first US record to solely feature Tyler’s songwriting.









Modern Folk, ATX